Can HEPA Filters Capture the Coronavirus?

Can HEPA Filters Capture the Coronavirus?

Regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, the most common question asked about filtration is that “Can HEPA Filter capture the viruses?” The answer to the question; Yes, HEPA Filters captures the viruses within their efficiency value.

HEPA filters; uses in hygienic applications such as hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food and beverage production facilities. In hospitals, especially operating rooms, intensive care rooms, isolation rooms, biosafety cabinets are the usage areas.

Particulate Matter (PM)

In the atmosphere, Industrial dusts, pollen, spores, bacteria, molds, respirable particles, various fumes and contaminants such as viruses with different particle sizes called “particulate matter” are exist.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

In order to achieve the desired indoor air quality, the first thing that needs to be done is to have efficiency filtration by considering the dimensions of the pollutants.

Particle (Virus) Size

Particles of 1 μm or smaller sizes pose a greater risk for human health. The sizes of viruses among these pollutants, which we refer to as particulate matter, are in the range of 0.02 to 0.4 microns. Coronavirus is in the size range of 0.08 to 0.16 microns.