ULPATEK Filter Continues to Grow by Increasing Production Capacity with New Investments

ULPATEK Filter Continues to Grow by Increasing Production Capacity with New Investments

ULPATEK Filter, as a filter manufacturer that serves a wide range from the simplest ventilation systems to clean rooms, has made significant investments in 2022 and fully commissioned them in 2023. The company manufactures according to ISO 16890 and ISO 29463 (EN 1822) standards in its modern facility, using the most advanced machines in the filtration field.

The new investment in the HEPA Filter scanning test system (TOPAS) has increased the number of scanning test systems to two. Additionally, the commissioning of a new pleating machine has brought the total number of pleating machines to five, thereby increasing the production capacity. Along with these two significant investments, other investments have further strengthened ULPATEK’s success in exporting to more than 80 countries.

The new investments not only increase ULPATEK’s sustainable growth and competitive strength in the global market but also allow it to continue to lead in this field. The company supports this process with R&D studies carried out within ULPALAB, conducting raw material control tests, filter performance and pressure loss tests, filter tests according to ISO 16890, and leakage and efficiency tests for HEPA/ULPA filters in compliance with ISO 29463 (EN 1822) with its experienced team.

ULPATEK is notable not only for its technological investments but also for its investments in human resources. Enhancing the rights of employees with additional benefits, along with increasing the number of employees, is among the company’s priorities.

The recent investments by ULPATEK Filter are an indication of the company’s determination in quality and capacity matters. As one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, ULPATEK plans to continue its growth in the future through these investments in technology and human resources.

With these innovative steps and investments, ULPATEK Filter continues to attract attention as a leading player in the industry.