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The founders of ULPATEK have the highest quality in compliance with international standards that can meet the filter requirements of all air conditioning systems from the simplest ventilation systems to clean rooms, adding their knowledge and experience to their 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, health, textile and food sectors by adding fresh air and filter subjects, Has established ULPATEK to create a wide range of products including Absolute, EPA, HEPA and ULPA filters.

ULPATEK filter production started in 2008 in Istanbul Hadımköy facilities. Coarse, Medium, Absolute, EPA, HEPA and ULPA filters are manufactured with the most advanced machines in the filtration field according to EN 779 and EN 1822 European standards. ULPATEK has obtained ISO: 9001 quality management certificate from TUV NORD / Germany since its establishment. In March 2014, she received her EUROVENT certificate in compliance with the 779: 2012 standard. Our preferred products in the domestic market have been exported to 70 different countries so far.

Successful R & D engineers within the R & D department are working on product support, product development and engineering applications and transferring their technical knowledge about filtration and indoor air quality (IAQ) to their customers through training programs and comprehensive resources. With the increase in industrialization and population in cities, the importance of day-to-day filtration against the airborne chemical and biological particles is rapidly increasing. ULPATEK employees also play a role as a world citizen in solving this global problem.