About Ulpatek

Pioneering Air Filtration Solutions

Since its inception, Ulpatek has consistently delivered quality and innovation, setting reference points in the air filtration sector. With our extensive industry knowledge, advanced manufacturing facilities, and commitment to quality, we have paved our way to becoming a trusted name in over 80 countries worldwide. Our continuous dedication to research & development and engineering infrastructure ensures that our products meet global standards. It’s not just about selling products; at Ulpatek, we offer solutions. Dive into our catalogue to discover the products that make us a preferred brand across borders.

The Milestones of Our Existence

ULPATEK, with its roots in hygienic ventilation expertise, has today transformed into a global frontrunner in air filtration; representing innovation, quality, and unwavering trust.

Advanced Manufacturing Facility

Welcome to Ulpatek’s latest manufacturing center, where advanced technology meets sustainability. Designed with precision and environmental consciousness in mind, this facility ensures top-quality production while prioritizing safety and efficiency.

Global Presence

At Ulpatek, our dedication to superiority is without limits. With our products and services reaching over 80 countries worldwide, we are proud to have a truly global footprint. Our wide reach shows trust in our brand and showcases our dedication to meeting diverse demands and adapting to varied market nuances.

Product Excellence

We pride ourselves on our commitment to product excellence. Every piece we create is thoroughly tested in ULPALAB (Ulpatek Filter Testing Laboratory), ensuring that it meets the highest standards of quality and durability. Our expert engineers merge skill and creativity, precisely developing our products.