Ulpatek Has Met the Expectations in Combating the Pandemic

Ulpatek Has Met the Expectations in Combating the Pandemic

Ferhat GÜRER, Ulpatek Air Filter’s Export Sales Manager, shared the operations of Ulpatek Air Filter in 2020 and their goals for 2021.
Stating that our lives were negatively affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Ferhat GÜRER added, “We, as Ulpatek Air Filter, have met the expectations of the industry by fulfilling our responsibilities for the filtration issue, the primary subject in combating the pandemic in 2020.”

Informative Publications
Closely following the global effects of Coronavirus pandemic, Ulpatek Air Filter contributed to the industry by preparing written and visual resources regarding the filtration, one of the primary issues for controlling the spread of the virus in ventilation systems. The first resource entitled “Do HEPA Filters Capture Coronavirus?” and prepared by Mustafa BUZKAN, the company’s Technical Manager, provided insights for frequently asked questions regarding the issue. Murat ODABAŞ, Mechanical Engineer, and Ferhat GÜRER, Mechatronic Engineer, from the company also prepared technical articles entitled “Things to Consider For the Use of HEPA Filters in Air Handling Units” and “The Recommended Practices for Filtration of Infection Isolation/Quarantine Rooms in Hospitals”. Other than the written sources, informative videos were shared on the Ulpatek Air Filter’s Youtube channel.

Uninterrupted Procurement to Hospitals
The high-quality HEPA filters we manufactured are used in several hospitals and pharmaceutical production facilities in our country. ULPATEK brand is in service for eight city hospitals opened in recent years, including particularly Başakşehir City Hospital. Uninterruptedly manufactured HEPA Filters were used in two pandemic hospitals in Sancaktepe and Yeşilköy. During this process, Ulpatek managed to meet the needs of its customers in all related industries such as hospitals, pharmaceuticals and food as usual.

Filter Manufacture for Air Cleaning Appliance
Manufacturing filters for air cleaning appliances to fight the pandemic, Ulpatek produced custom design filters for both domestic and foreign business partners.

Choice of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plants
Ulpatek became the favoured name in new investments of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical manufacturing plants with its filtration equipment used in hygienic applications such as Fan Filter Units, Laminar Flow Units, Weighing and Sampling Cabinets and Safe Filter Change Cabins in addition to filter products manufactured. Besides being the leading company in these product groups in Turkey, Ulpatek continues to meet the expectations of the pharmaceutical industry with its R&D activities.

Ferhat Gürer stated that they will continue to meet the expectations of the industry in the coming years as the demand for the right filtration solutions increases and said: “As Ulpatek, we evaluate our goals based on sales figures, while also providing products and services creating added value to our industry and country. Leading the industry with star products, our company will continue this mission even more robustly in 2021″.