Ulpatek Team Explaining Proper Filtration

Ulpatek Team Explaining Proper Filtration

Ulpatek Filter has been providing engineering solutions by transferring technical knowledge in filtration and indoor air quality (IAQ) to companies in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food sectors through its comprehensive resources and infrastructure since its establishment.

In recent years, there has been an increase in products made with incorrect raw material selections in the filter sector, and the involvement of individuals who do not have sufficient knowledge of the sensitivity of filter selection, sales, assembly, and applications has resulted in practices that threaten human health, deteriorate environmental conditions, increase energy costs, and reduce product quality.

As part of its mission, ULPATEK has started educational visits to OEM manufacturers located in various locations in Turkey with the slogan “Ulpatek Explains Proper Filtration”. The company completed its visits in Izmir, where it explained the essentials of filtration, energy-efficient environmentally friendly products, and chemical filters.

Mustafa Buzkan, the leader of the education team, stated the following regarding the matter: “With the increasing industrialization and urbanization, the importance of filtration is rapidly growing. Ulpatek, known for its engineering solutions, will continue to fulfill its responsibility by transferring its knowledge and experience to the industry to address this global problem without interruption. The positive feedback we receive from our customers on this matter is the most important indicator that we are on the right track.”

Ulpatek announced that it will continue its next training program with manufacturers and customers in the Ankara region.