The brand opening up to the world, ULPATEK FILTER

The brand opening up to the world, ULPATEK FILTER

As the world’s population rapidly increases, industrialization and urbanization, causing environmental issues, are growing rapidly, leading to an increase in biological and chemical particles. Breathing healthy air in our living spaces is becoming increasingly difficult. In today’s world where the air we breathe poses a significant threat to human health, the importance of conscious filtration is increasing.

The officials of Ulpatek, which sets out with the global slogan “Advanced filtration for a better future,” emphasize that quality filtration is indispensable for a better future. Providing information on the subject, Ulpatek Sales Coordinator Ganim Dokuyucu states, “At our modern facilities in Hadımköy, we serve the world with 20 engineers, 125 expert staff under class 10,000 conditions.

We export Ulpatek products to a total of 52 countries, from France to Germany, from Iran to the UK, and from Spain to Egypt. The most important factor in achieving this success is that we produce our filters with the latest technology machines in compliance with EN 1822 and EN 779 standards. Our products, passing through many quality control points under the Quality Management System, are individually tested and certified with our modern testing devices. We conduct Scanning tests, DOP tests, Oil mist tests, Performance tests, Material tests, and Dust holding tests in our laboratory. In addition to these tests we conduct ourselves, we have documented our quality with EUROVENT certification by having our filters tested in the world’s most important test laboratories. Aware of our responsibility in solving the problem of dirty air, we are taking confident steps towards becoming a global brand with our high-quality products.”

ULPATEK has a wide range of products for particle and gas filtration, from commercial, residential, office, and school buildings to airports, microelectronic industries, pharmaceutical factories, food and beverage industries, hospitals, nuclear energy systems, gas turbines, and other power systems, as well as petrochemical and refinery facilities.

The Research and Development (R&D) Department, which brings innovations to filter systems by developing new products, has a significant role in its success. Ulpatek not only sells filters but also provides assistance in selecting the right filter and filter system through pre-sales partnership and helps solve problems encountered after sales.