Novartis chose ULPATEK

Novartis chose ULPATEK

In the past period, ULPATEK Safe Change Housing units started to be used at Novartis brand’s pharmaceutical production facility in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Since its establishment, Ulpatek Filtre has been providing comprehensive resources and technical expertise in filtration and indoor air quality (IAQ) to companies in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food sectors, offering product supply and engineering solutions.

In addition to its high-quality filters, Ulpatek responds to the needs of pharmaceutical production facilities as a whole with system equipment such as Safe Change Housing units, HEPA Boxes, Fan Filtered Laminar Flow Units, and Weighing Booths. Ulpatek is preferred in the production facilities of leading global brands.

In the recent period, at Novartis brand’s pharmaceutical production facility in St. Petersburg, Russia, a total of 10 Ulpatek Safe Change Housing units with a capacity of 60,000 m³/h flow rate have been put into use. In the project, more than 500 Ulpatek Ceiling Type HEPA Filters were used in places requiring precise filtration.

Safe Change Housing units (USCH) are designed to filter particles and aerosols, protecting service personnel, the process, and the environment from harmful conditions.

The unit, made of static powder-coated or stainless steel, provides a high level of sealing performance with a flanged connection system. The unit is easily disinfected and can be safely and easily serviced with its lower covers.

The general application areas of Safe Change Housing units include the pharmaceutical industry, radioactive isotope laboratories, nuclear medicine applications, nuclear power plants, dust collection systems, biotechnology research facilities, the chemical industry, and specialized research laboratories.