ULPATEK has moved to its new factory in line with its goals

ULPATEK has moved to its new factory in line with its goals

With over 40 years of experience in the HVAC sector and manufacturing in compliance with standards using the most advanced machinery, ULPATEK Filtre has reached this point. In line with its goals, the company has moved to its new factory located at Yassıören Mahallesi Hadımköy Caddesi No: 158, Akpınar Sanayi Bölgesi 34555 Arnavutköy / Istanbul, with a total closed area of ​​12,650 square meters to effectively meet the needs of its customers.

Ulpatek Filtre, since its establishment, has been providing its customers with the most suitable solutions through its R&D studies and the filters and units it produces. Demonstrating to both domestic and foreign companies the importance of engineering infrastructure in manufacturing, Ulpatek meticulously selects all its raw materials and designs its products accordingly, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

The company, which has earned an important place in the industry with the trust it has built and the national and international certifications it holds, has recently moved to a new location. The General Manager, Ganim Dokuyucu, shared the following thoughts about what this move will bring them:

“At our new address, we have larger and more flexible workspaces. We now have a spacious showroom where we can easily present all our products to our guests. We will have the opportunity to increase our collaboration with universities within the scope of university-industry cooperation. We will organize regular seminars in our conference hall, both with university students and our industry stakeholders. With our manufacturing infrastructure suitable for each product group, our production speed will increase, allowing us to manufacture in higher quality and better production conditions. This will enable us to provide much faster service to our customers. In our new R&D workspace, we will carry out our planned new product studies and product improvements more successfully. Our employees will work in a more comfortable, efficient, and peaceful environment, considering all necessary improvements.

With all these enhancements, our priority will continue to be providing products and services that add value to our industry and our country. Our mission of offering products that shape the industry will continue with the great power we have at our new address.”