Ulpatek Filter Sales Manager Ganim Dokuyucu answered Daily Show newspaper’s questions

Ulpatek Filter Sales Manager Ganim Dokuyucu answered Daily Show newspaper’s questions

1 - Could you provide information about your company?

Before discussing ULPATEK, it is necessary to briefly mention Tetisan Industrial. Founded in 1978, Tetisan is a company with 37 years of history. In its early years, it primarily focused on mechanical installation contracts. Later, in the 1990s, in conjunction with developments in the Turkish textile sector, Tetisan began providing and installing predominantly industrial type air conditioning and ventilation products to companies operating in the textile sector. We constructed facilities for leading companies in the sector such as Akın Tekstil, Edip İplik, Bahariye Mensucat, Ozcanlar Tekstil, and Boyteks. During this period, Tetisan, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. F. Taner Özkaynak, began implementing hygienic air conditioning systems primarily in pharmaceutical factories. We also started manufacturing air handling units used in hygienic air conditioning systems during this time. Tetisan successfully implemented these systems and continues to do so in many pharmaceutical factories such as Roche, Novartis, Sandoz, Pfizer, Abdi İbrahim, Mustafa Nevzat, Deva, and Sanovel İlac. Additionally, Tetisan successfully installed hygienic air conditioning systems at Danone in Lüleburgaz and Pınar Et facilities in İzmir Kemalpaşa. In the early 2000s, we accelerated the production of hospital air conditioning equipment such as air handling units compliant with DIN 1946/4 standards, laminar flow units, HEPA filter housings, and intake grilles. We produced Turkey’s first compact operating theater hygienic air conditioning unit (HYG-30) with support from TUBİTAK and TTGV. In the past, Tetisan used filters from LUWA (Switzerland), a brand that was later acquired by McLeod Russel and then SPX group, causing confusion in the Turkish market due to multiple brand representations. This resulted in confusion in the domestic market and issues with quality and delivery times. In 2005, Tetisan transferred the production rights (know-how) for air conditioning units to Airfel A.Ş. Parallel to these developments, ULPATEK Filtre was established in 2007 under the leadership of Prof. Dr. F. Taner Özkaynak, with contributions from U.Tamer Özkaynak, Recep Ekinci, and Ganim Dokuyucu. Our company has developed a wide range of products consisting of coarse, fine, EPA, HEPA, and ULPA filters of the highest quality, compliant with EN 779 and EN 1822 standards, capable of meeting the filtration needs of all HVAC systems, from the simplest ventilation systems to clean rooms. We first introduced our products to the market by exhibiting them at a SODEX fair in May 2008. ULPATEK was established to provide high-quality filtration solutions against chemical and biological particles resulting from industrialization and population growth, develop products for this purpose, and play a role in solving this global problem.

As ULPATEK, our goal is to maintain the trustworthy brand image inherited from the past, to provide our own products to users who prefer foreign brands for filtration despite manufacturing in our country, and to establish a presence in the international market.

2 - Is it possible for you to provide information about your market share?

We are the first company that comes to mind in high-quality filtration in Turkey. We are particularly preferred in places such as pharmaceutical manufacturers, the food sector, and hospitals, where hygienic environments are required.

As stated above, our aim is to provide domestic products to all distinguished companies in Turkey, including those who prefer imported filters, and to establish a presence in international markets. Since May 2008, when our commercial activities began, our business has been continuing with a rising momentum. We produce our products not only for the domestic filter market but also for a wide range of countries, from Syria to Jordan, from Turkic Republics to the Czech Republic, and from Russia to Slovenia, France, Spain, Greece, Italy, and Germany. In the domestic market, pharmaceutical factories and hospitals, who are well aware of the importance of filter quality, prefer our products. Many engineering firms also prefer our products. These firms are generally those that understand the importance of filters, pay attention to selection criteria, choose filters based on optimal values, and prioritize energy efficiency in their selection process. These types of firms do not insist on price first; they prioritize product quality. In this sense, we have a customer base that follows the principle of “quality and functionality first, then price,” which we inherited from Tetisan. This forces us to maintain and elevate the standard we established at Tetisan. In fact, this is what we desire as well. In the field of filtration, it is essential for the manufacturing company to guide the companies performing the application or the end-user companies very well. The seal structure of HEPA filters, the mounting surface, filtration area, air flow rate, and pressure drops are among the issues that must be agreed upon during the ordering process. We operate not just on a “produce and sell” basis but with the principle of selling according to the purpose. In short, as ULPATEK, we provide engineering support to our customers while making sales.

3 - Could you provide information about your R&D activities?

Ulpatek is a company that performs this job in accordance with standards. It is the only company in our country that has incorporated all three test methods envisaged by the EN 1822 standard since its establishment. A significant portion of the investment cost required for filter production consists of these test devices. The raw material for pleated filters is a paper based on glass fiber. Paper manufacturers are striving to produce paper at lower pressure and higher efficiency. They are also developing nonwoven technologies in this regard. These technologies focus on longer life and greater particle retention. Unfortunately, filter papers are not produced in Turkey. There are only a few manufacturers worldwide, so these technologies can be developed by these companies.

The successful R&D engineers in our R&D department are involved in product support, product development, and engineering applications. These colleagues transfer their technical knowledge in filtration and indoor air quality (IAQ) to our customers through training programs and comprehensive resources. With the increase in industrialization and population, the importance of filtration against chemical and biological particles in the air is rapidly increasing. ULPATEK continues to play a role in addressing this global problem.

Additionally, through its collaboration with Bioconservacion, a company with international certifications in chemical gas filtration systems, ULPATEK has expanded its existing product range and customer service scope to provide services in chemical filtration as well. Bioconservacion is a Spanish-origin company that has been operating since 1997, producing industrial products. Within the company, there are pellets enriched with chemicals such as permanganate and hydroxide, specially designed modules, units, and anti-corrosion equipment for different application areas. With this agreement, ULPATEK has taken a significant step towards specializing in chemical filtration.

In industry, corrosion and odor problems are among the most common issues encountered after particle filtration. The use of chemical filters is extremely important for removing the main gases causing these problems from the environment. With the agreement it has made, Ulpatek will be a solution partner for projects in chemical gas filtration in petrochemical and refineries, paper and cellulose factories, mining sector, wastewater treatment plants, biogas plants, information technology sector, pharmaceutical/health sector, and chemical factories to eliminate problems such as corrosion, odor, and toxic effects.

4 - What is the current status of your industry worldwide? What is your positioning on this platform?

The Turkish HVAC sector has gained good momentum in recent years. According to data from 2012, global HVAC sector exports amounted to 487 billion dollars. Turkey’s share in this export was 5 billion dollars. The target for the Turkish HVAC sector by 2023 is 25 billion dollars. Hopefully, this target will be achieved.

As ULPATEK, we are proud to be part of this target. In order to sell our filters more to abroad, we obtained the EUROVENT certification in March of this year, covering the M5, M6, F7, F8, and F9 filter classes defined in the EN779:2012 standard. As known, Eurovent is an organization based in Paris that conducts tests on the capacity and performance values of products manufactured in the HVAC industry by companies according to European and other international standards in independent laboratories, approves and certifies the accuracy of the results. With this certification, the trust our customers have in ULPATEK has once again been reinforced. Besides being the preferred choice in the domestic market, the most important reason for exporting to 45 different countries so far is this. All of ULPATEK’s efforts are the most concrete evidence that it is taking the right steps by considering the next step.

5 - What are your expectations from other companies in the sector?

Our expectation from other companies in the sector is for them to produce their filters in accordance with the requirements outlined in the EN 779 and EN 1822 standards and to offer products that are suitable for their intended use to their customers.

6 - Are you experiencing a shortage of qualified personnel?

Like almost every sector, we also face a shortage of qualified personnel. We are trying to fill this gap by providing training support to students we recruit from vocational high schools. This is because we are engaged in very sensitive work. We constantly emphasize the importance of the work to our employees and support them with necessary training.

7 - What is the purpose of your participation in the ISK-SODEX 2014 fair? What products will you introduce at the fair? Do you have any products that you will be showcasing for the first time?

Our purpose in participating in the fair is to meet with the companies we sell to, showcase our newly added filters to our product range, identify potential companies that could become new customers, take steps towards collaborating with them, and announce new developments in our company (such as obtaining the EUROVENT certification, etc.).

The products we will showcase at the fair are as follows: Roll Filters (G2, G3, G4, M5), Cassette Filters (G2, G3, G4, M5), Bag Filters (G4, M5, M6, F7, F8, F9), Compact Filters (M6, F7, F8, F9, E10, E11, E12, H13), Panel Filters (M6, F7, F8, F9, E10, E11, E12, H13), HEPA Filters (H13, H14), ULPA Filters (U15, U16, U17), Fan Filter Units (FFU), Gas Turbine Filters, Dust Collection System Filters, Cylindrical and Cartridge Filters, Activated Carbon Filters (ACF), Fan Coil Filters, Oil Absorbing Filters, Safe Change Housing for Filters, Laminar Flow Units, Hygienic Air Conditioning Equipment, and Chemical Filtration Products.

Especially, we are showcasing cylindrical filters used in gas turbines and dust collection systems, as well as high-temperature filters with aluminum separators for the first time at this fair. Additionally, at the fair, we are exhibiting our own production Safe Change Housings and the Weighing & Sampling LF Cabin, which operates under negative pressure, as well as products from BIOCONSERVACION, with whom we collaborate on chemical filtration.