ULPATEK Filter continues its R&D work at ULPALAB test laboratory

ULPATEK Filter continues its R&D work at ULPALAB test laboratory

ISO 16890 Test Device

For the first time in Turkey, ULPATEK continues its product development efforts by testing its filters according to the ISO 16890 standard with the filter test system located in ULPALAB, demonstrating its success with the EUROVENT certification that very few filter manufacturers worldwide possess.

With its successful R&D engineers and experienced team in the R&D department, ULPATEK Filter adapts rapidly to evolving and changing technology by working on product support, product development, and engineering applications.

ULPATEK Filter produces high-quality coarse, medium, fine, EPA, HEPA, and ULPA filters to meet the filtration needs of all HVAC systems, from the simplest ventilation systems to cleanrooms, in its modern facility covering an area of 12,650 m², using the most advanced machinery in the filtration field, in cleanroom conditions, according to ISO 16890 and ISO 29463 (EN 1822) standards.

One of the most important factors contributing to ULPATEK’s success in exporting to over 70 countries is its advanced test laboratories, which are only found in a few filter manufacturers worldwide. With the awareness that sustainable growth is possible through R&D activities, ULPATEK conducts raw material control tests, filter performance tests, leakage and pressure tests, filter tests according to ISO 16890, screening tests with oil smoke for HEPA/ULPA filters according to EN 1822, and EMERY 3004 (DOP test) tests with a photometer in ULPALAB with its experienced team.

ULPATEK continues to increase its competitiveness in the global market and remain a leader in the industry with ULPALAB.