ULPATEK Filter Achieved Its 2015 Goals

ULPATEK Filter Achieved Its 2015 Goals

The pioneering organization in the filter sector, ULPATEK Filter, evaluated its 2015 activities at the annual ordinary Board of Directors Meeting. The company, which successfully achieved its targeted growth rates and R&D studies, made a name for itself in the sector with campaigns initiated throughout the year. The prominent works of the company in 2015 were as follows:

“The Ulpatek Team Explains Proper Filtration”

As stated in its mission, ULPATEK started educational visits with the slogan “Ulpatek Explains Proper Filtration” to OEM manufacturers located in various locations in Turkey. The company conducted its visits by explaining what needs to be known about filtration, energy-efficient environmentally friendly products, and chemical filters.

“R&D Studies Drew Attention”

Ulpatek once again proved to be a pioneer in innovations with its new model developed through R&D studies; the terminal model with gel-filled seals and replaceable filters attracted attention. The positive feedback received from end-users proved once again that these high-tech products do not need to be sourced from foreign companies. In 2015, the company also exported these high-tech products.

“Maintaining Tradition, Participating in Prestigious Fairs”

Participating in ISH Frankfurt and MCE Milano Fairs, Ulpatek strengthened the foundations of cooperation with many new companies in addition to its existing foreign distributors, discussed what needs to be done for sustainable success, and further solidified its brand value by receiving positive feedback on product quality and performance from its partners. The company stands out in the European market with its product quality and engineering applications.

“2016 Goals Shared”

At the annual ordinary Board of Directors Meeting, the company shared its goals for 2016. It determined the steps it will take to further increase its export success achieved in 2015 without compromising its quality and aims to realize its goal of further increasing it in 2016.