Coarse Filtration (ISO 16890)

In the ventilation system; the first stage in the filtration of coarse particles (the largest particle diameter pollutants). Read more

Fine Dust Filtration (ISO 16890)

In the ventilation system; second and/or third stage filter for filtering fine particles. Ventilation systems, such as air handling units, are the main areas of use. Read more

Absolute Filtration (HEPA)

EPA, HEPA and ULPA filters use to filtrate pollutants with the smallest particle diameters at the desired efficiency Read more

Gas Phase Filtration

It is an air filter that protects the environment, processes and personnel by filtering various gas phase (corrosive, toxic, irritating and odorous) pollutants in ventilation systems of industrial and commercial areas. Read more

System Equipments

They are the equipment that designed and manufactured in accordance with the relevant standards to meet the requirements of process and have different working principles and features complementary to the system. Read more

Textile Air Conditioning Systems

In modern textile plants with high speed machines, its only possible to produce and keep the quality high by having good air-conditioning systems. Read more