• Available with or without pre-filter section.
  • Corrosion resistant version available in stainless steel.
  • Fitted with seal test groove to DIN 1946 as an option.
  • Single and robust
  • Multiple assemblies for large air flows.
  • Compatible with the entire product range G3-F9, E10-U7
  • Functional design, user-friendly operation.
  • ULPATEK housing in other constructions for special applications or working conditions on request.

Design, Metrials

ULPATEK filter housing is made out of 1,5 mm thick sheet steel, either stainless or galvanized are gas tight welded. The filters are held in position by 4 corner brackets with screws, allowing simple and secure. Clamping of the filter unit against the housing seal face. As an option, this seal face may be equipped with a seal test groove. to DIN 1946. The stainless steel version has all fittings manufactures from stainless steel.


For the suply of highly efficient filtered air for hospitals, laboratories and in industry (pharmaceutical, food, elektronic etc.). Ideally the air flow should be horizantal and the servicing has to be done from the rear.