Activated carbon filters are used in public buildings, airports, workshops, spray painting tunnels, hospitals, food and pharmaceutical industry, industrial and civil air conditioning systems. Activated carbon filters are recommended to be protected from other air pollutants by using minimum pre-filtration with a F7 to F9 filter.

Activated carbon filters are used for wall and duct installation in ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Filters are especially effective against:

Smog, ozone etc Glue, rubber or cleaning agent vapors
Combustion and diesel gases General personnel and hospital odors
Kerosene, asphalt, tar or hydrocarbon fuel vapors Alcohol, tobacco and cosmetic odors
Solvent and thinner vapors from paint and varnish Cooking and decaying food odors


• High contamination removal capacities • Easy to handle
• V-cell type, panel type available  • Lightweight plastic frame
• Excellent pressure drop, save energy  • Self support and rijit
• Large filter surface, long service life • No dust release
 • No dust regeneration

Technical Specifications

Media; AC between synthetic layer Final Pressure Drop; 450 Pa
Media Weight; 400 g Max. Operating Temperature; 75°C
Frame; Plastic frame Flammability Class; K2/F2 for normal temp.

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