Regular Inspection: Check the filter regularly for visible signs of clogging or damage. A blocked filter can hinder system performance.

Final Pressure Drop: According to the EN 13053 standard, the final pressure drop is determined. ISO ePM1, ISO ePM2.5, and ISO ePM10 classes is calculated by either adding 100 Pascal (Pa) to the initial pressure drop of clean filters or by calculating a value up to three times smaller than the initial pressure drop of clean filters.

This method is used to determine a recommended final pressure drop value at the end of the filter’s service life.

Correct Installation: Ensure the filter is correctly installed, following the manufacturer’s directions. An improperly installed filter can decrease the efficiency. The filter pleats or filter pockets must be mounted vertically on the ground.

Washing or Cleaning: Almost all of the fine dust filters are designed for single use; only a few might be washable or cleanable. It’s essential to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines.